To commence our library off to a good start the selection of pods is varied in length, genres and delivery. They can be found on iTunes – Performing Arts, Podcasts – Fast Fiction. Or it may be easier to click on the link below.

With April being the month we think of ANZAC you may give a special thought to Wheeled Prison, a tribute to all military personnel the world over and at the same time provides a little insight into those sharing a similar disability.

Wheeled Prison – MakesYouThinkSeries

Written by Breanda Cross and Dramatised by Michael Vilkins,

Cover Art, jd-mason-128089 Unsplash.

An old soldier reflects on his life.

However, there are more to enjoy, that will hopefully give you a few minutes Interest, Intrigue, or Entertainment.

A bad luck day – Crime without GrimeSeries

Written and Narrated by Breanda Cross.

Cover Art …Jeff Smith,Unsplash

A criminal on the run thinks he has outwitted the police, but  finds he is out to experience the worst day of his life.

All or Nothing – MakesYouThinkSeries

Written by Breanda Cross and Dramatised by Breanda Cross and Natalie Mullins.

Cover Art …Matthew Kane, 1  13948 Unsplash

Some people have everything and think they have nothing. Others have nothing, then find they have something that someone wants – very badly.


Front Window – General, 

Cover Art … Martin Wellesley,  209 Unsplash

Written by Breanda Cross and Dramatised by B.C. and Robin Reader

Two city dwellers intend to watch The Oscars on television, but find themselves in their own drama.

 The Wake – The Spouse Trap. Cover Art …Unsplash

A businessman is found dead in suspicious circumstances. A detective inspector interviews the main suspect. But everything ends a little oddly.

Guest House Ghost Story.

Cover Art … Aaron Mellow, Unsplash

Written and Narrated by Breanda Cross

A couple of young women miss their train, and get stranded in an old house, but is made welcome by an old lady, who just loves to gossip.

The odd couple – Makes You Think Series

Cover art … Christina Gottardi, 227407, Unsplash

Written by Breanda Cross, Dramatised by John Cross

Even after 50 years of marriage there can be a few surprises.

That’s all folks – until the April release.

It is almost a year since our first release on April 1 of A bad luck day. Back then I had little idea of how podcasts or social media works.  I’m a little more experienced about the podcasting, but clueless on social media.  So I hope this gets to you the listeners – somehow!

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