For Sale

For Sale: Buying a house ls a big decision involving a great deal of money and incurring many life changes . So real estate agents should be patient when guiding prospective buyers through the process of choosing the right house for their needs. And they in turn are simply looking for the perfect house. However, this is one of those occasions when you just may find your sympathies with the real estate agent.

While we hope you enjoy it I would like to share a secret (which I hope is not too evident).  The skit was recorded nearly twenty-five years ago and needed to be remastered to bring it up to date with modern currencies.  If you listen closely you may be able to find where the changes were made.

However, even today, I can testify that those real estate agents who have listened to the podcast agree, the scenario is as pertinent to the market today as it was a quarter of a century ago.

NOTE: March, 2019: Although this little skit was recorded a quarter of a century ago, I reckon it could pass for today – not exactly mind – yes, the cost of houses has gone up considerably, but house-hunting couples – well, they’re still the same – or are they?

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