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Decisions is a dark story just released to iTunes. It is also sad. It asks the question of whether or not we govern our own destiny by the choices we make, or are we simply destined to follow the path that fate has decreed for us. Why not listen – and make your own decision!

Note: Update March 2019 . Beyond Blue is taking on a higher profile than ever before. which makes this story more relevant.

FastFictionPodcasts have been submitting stories to iTunes, for just over a month and can now boast a dozen stories in the library.  So far stories have covered a mix of three basic series – Makes You Think, Crime Without Grime,  and The Spouse Trap. But we promised you four -and yes, there is another one, as yet not represented. Life in the Slow Lane are stories, or, maybe more like anecdotes, of family life in the suburbs.

Highlights – Life in the Slow Lane

Written and Narrated by B.C.

Cover Art – alex-holyoake-105660 – Unsplash

The first one in the Life in the Slow Lane series to be released is entitled Highlights and begins – “I was in the shower when the telephone rang…..” Nothing unusual with that, but it may give you a few minutes mirth when you hear what happens next.

Sometimes it makes life seem to much easier when you know the mess other people make of their lives.

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