Bi-Monthly CheckPoint.

Can you find the icon of your favourite podcast between May and June?


1st July and we begin the third month since launching our first Podcast – Wheeled Prison. Since then our listeners have steadily grown, suggesting there is a place for people who want to listen to dramatised short stories. They go so well together with a morning Tea break, or ride to work, or, if you are well organised – a sit-in in the garden. To go directly to the site press, here.


For those who are just joining us, here is a quick break-down of what we have covered in the last eight weeks.

Wheeled Prison – a beautiful and emotive story of an old man’s reflection of war. MYTSeries

A bad luck day – A criminal on the run has a bit of luck – but it turns into the worst day of his life. CWGSeries

Front window – The drama of Hollywood comes to a city back street – with a surprising twist. General

All or Nothing – A young woman thinks she has nothing – but finds out it is something someone else wants, desperately. CWG

The Wake – An Irish Wake is an ideal place for a detective to begin investigations. But it may not continue. CWG,TSTeries

The odd couple – A long marriage does not end well. MYTSeries, TST

Artistic Licence – A grieving husband finds out who killed his wife and dispenses justice. CWG

Grave Consequences – a story that is difficult to classify. CWG, TST

For Sale – A Real Estate agent’s nightmare. General

A natural accident – Revenge eats up a man with little to lose. CWG

Home Alone – Custard involved with Murder – Short, Sharp, but not Sweet. CWG

Decisions – A man gets what he wants for – but not in the way he wants it. CWG

Highlights – A day in the Family life in Suburbia. LITSLSeries

Tea with Mrs. Bradley – Mrs. B is a sweet old lady – or is she? CWG.

Note: Update March 2019 – With almost a year gone it is interesting to note that there is still no focus or preference shown towards short or long podcasts, read or performed, or one series over another. Confusing?