National Apology Day

National Apology Day, 22nd October.

Today is the Australian National Apology Day for all those young children, mostly between 6- 14 years, who were shipped out from England after WW2 on the premise they would have a better life.  While a good many were orphans, there were also a good many who were simply disadvantaged by having a single working mother whose care was automatically questioned. At best the children were losing possibly their only living relative, at worst they were used as child labour, and possibly physical and mental abuse.

Not only was this a cruel project, it was insidious in its cover of being a kindly act. The parents and children alike had their lives ruined, and these wasted lives have long been forgotten. So, as our story A Long Time Waiting infers,  this National Apology Day has been A Long Time Coming.

While this story is one of fiction, it is based on first hand knowledge of true events.  And so, while it may not be a story you Enjoy, we hope it Makes You Think.

While we cannot go back into the past, we can ensure that we do not take those mistakes into the future.

A long time waiting podcast released 30th August is particularly relevant on 22nd September, National Apology Day

Children brought from the United Kingdom from 1940’s through 1970 and put into institutionalized ‘care.’


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