Half Year Half Birthday

We are now at an exact 6 month / half year  mark, with 27 pods, in four genres, available on most formats. This has been a happy journey. We were ready for a learning ladder back on 25th April when our first pod Wheeled Prisons was released, in time for Anzac Day.  And what a beautiful start. One of our team connected his pc to a speaker at Amiens where a group were waiting for the Dawn Service. Thinking of this emotive story being played under such perfect conditions is awesome.

Other stories have not been chosen or released in any particular order, as once again, in these early days it was (and still is) difficult to ascertain what types of stories are preferred.  Do listeners want to laugh or cry? Or are crime stories still the favorite to intrigue?

Now that we can use the wonders of Google Analytics, we thought those questions could be answered. But apparently not. For instance, over the last six months, these three stories have shown to be the most popular.

Wheeled Prison,                   For Sale,                      A Natural Accident 


For those listeners familiar with them, they represent MakesYouThink, LifeInTheSlowLane, and CrimeWithoutGrime series

However, a few surprises have occurred. Namely, the countries where fastfictionpodcasts are most popular. With that in mind we would like to give a big THANKYOU to our listeners in Singapore, Omaha and Birr, who have shown the most support.


This brings up another surprise. That a few but growing number of listeners have asked for print transcripts so that they may have a fun way to learn English. And, something that will be coming soon, a section for Young Adults. This would be an aid to reading skills. This is a great idea, and we would love your input. So please leave comments or contact us directly at

And finally. an overwhelming THANKYOU to those organisations who provide free software for production and those folk who provide free sound bites and images.


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