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Anne of 1000 Days

Anne of 1000 Days is  a true story. Not much action it is true,but plenty of emotive value. Not only that but it represents a vast number of our elderly citizens. To say they are a ‘dying breed’ is literally true, for age is their enemy, and one that everyone must face eventually.

Of course each generation will have its own story to tell. But not everyone is a hero. In fact, let us go back to the days before Womens’ Lib – or more exact, the womens’ liberation movement. This was led by people such as the irrepressible Germaine Greer), and the launch of her revolutionary book The Female Eunoch. 1970. This was a time when women didn’t work (ir again, more exactly, have paid employment. Instead they looked after the house, husband and family, which was not considered work. But sometimes they would gain a little recognition. And more so if they could claim to be part of the saying, “Behind every great man, there is a little woman.” On which note, I leave you with Anne of 1000 Days, part of our series, LifeInThe Slow Lane, but  hopefully it will also MakeYouThink.

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