Festive Greetings

The FastFictionPodcast team would like to thank you, our listeners, for your support throughout the 8 months we have been running.  During that time we have brought you 32 podcasts ranging from the lighthearted Home Alone, 5m.54 to the ambitious bush story with a chiller ending, A long time waiting, 31.m.31

While we have tried to make sense of the analytical data available, it would seem there is no one popular length or genre. Best of all, those of you who listen once, seem to enjoy going back through the previous pods to see what you have missed.  (For instance, A day too long, published over a month ago, is currently very popular.)

We admit to being surprised at the coverage off countries and cities tuning in to us too.  Our most popular being San Jose in America, and Ijmuiden in the Netherlands.  And by the look of it a very new listener in Wolverhampton. (As a one time Pom my only knowledge of this city is through the famed football club Wolverhampton Wanderers!)

As 2018 comes to an end we will be bringing you two new podcasts. The first one – to be released on 30th December, is a hard-biting cautionary tale, called Driver Unknown. And the next day, with the first day of the new year, a nostalgic look back to 1975, with a very modern twist, The Straight Line. More later ….

In the meantime please keep tuning in, posting reviews, and we look forward to catching up again at the very end of the year – and the beginning of the next.  Take care.

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