LifeInTheSlowLane MakesYouThink

Betty and Tom – Happy Never After

Betty and Tom – Happy Never After is a gentle story. Life in the slow lane. It is a ‘could happen to anyone kind of story.’ Yet it could be said there is a hidden message.  What is it? And does it Make You Think? We would love to hear from you – and see if we are all on the same wave length.

And those of you who are regular listeners to fastfictionpodcasts, will see that we have changed our opening music.  As it is exactly one year since we brought out our very first podcast, Wheeled Prisons, we thought we would go into ‘our’ new year with a change. A little about that on our Rogues Gallery Page.

And while on the subject of regular listeners – a BIG welcome to our listeners in Romania and Norway. Two very different countries and cultures, but apparently sharing the English language.

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