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The Golden Girl – Part 2

The Golden Girl – Part 2 is the second of our four-part series.  The runnaway bride reappeared briefly, but the timing was bad.  And now she has a different husband. But has she “stuffed up” again.

The 1966 Aberafan disaster wiped out every child in the village

Sadly we could not bring you the original voices of the Welsh Male Choir, but this version is a good alternative.

MakesYouThink Reflection

The Golden Girl Part 1

The Golden Girl Part 1 is almost two parts in itself. It begins with a friendship that almost comes to an end on the most crucial of days. But survives, only to falter again, at the worst possible time.

Ten Pound Poms was colloquial for a bi-government initiative between England and Australia – in an attempt to help populate the country. The fares would be paid from the UK to Australia, with a two-year compulsory stay. Otherwise, the fare had to be repaid.


The Counting Game – Epilogue

The Counting Game – Epilogue. Having met up with our ‘not-so-happily-married couples’ in the Prologue – we find developments. Who is to blame? The Epilogue is very different from the Prologue. Find out more.


The Counting Game – Prologue

The Counting Game – Prologue. One of the members of a happily married couple is living a lie. The other partner is totally unaware of this. And something nasty is only just averted. All explained in The Counting Game – but all this may change soon.

Note: We introduce two new players to our team – Gerard Turner and Rowena Marshall – Welcome.



The Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men are certainly applicable to the Christmas festivities. But most people agree they could meet up with one, or all of these men – any time in the year. So, take heed.