Two Dykes on Bike


Two Dykes on a Bike is released to coincide with the Dykes on a Bike Mardi Gras in Sydney, celebrating the Gay and Lesbian Festival, on the 29th February,

Wannarbee Bond uses her P.E. sign to best effect by being a Private Eye/Pest Exterminator. But sadly she doesn’t often achieve

the intended outcome in either area. In fact, she rarely gets the bad guy, but happily, nearly always gets the girl.

We would love to hear if you liked this “Something Different” story, and there are many Wannarbee adventures ready to come your way.  Too Many Crooks Spoil the Plot … A Tyme to DieDeath by Fermentation, just to name a few.  They were originally released in Bullet Rock N’Roll Noir magazine, which is sadly, now, long forgotten. But if you would like a print copy, please write to, and we will be happy to send a copy.

Wannarbee stories follow the Mickey Spillane style of Pulp Fiction, which we acknowledge is not politically correct anymore. But as Mickey Spillane used to say, “there are more people buy peanuts than caviare.”  So, grab your peanuts and sit back and enjoy a little old fashioned fun.

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