About Podcasts

For those of you addicted to podcasts – there is little more you need to know. You have either found or know where to find the ones you enjoy. You know how to subscribe for regular updates, and even how to contribute as a Patron. Maybe you still listen via iTunes, or have a preferred platform. There are plenty to choose from, and like the podcasts, the list is growing daily.

However, for those of you who like to delve a little deeper, there are a few historical facts you may find interesting.

Prior to podcasts, we had a radio (or tv), program, that may have been repeated, either as a regular service or as a program filler. But technology, lifestyles, and people have all moved on, and since the popularity of mobile phones, audio may be heard pretty well anywhere you can get a signal.

Podcasting, previously known as “audio blogging’, has its roots dating back to the 1980s. With the advent of broadband Internet access and portable digital audio playback devices podcasting began to catch hold in late 2004.

Over a million podcast shows and 30 million episodes

  • 22% listen while driving (in a vehicle),
  • Podcast listeners subscribe to an average of 6 shows a week
  • 80% listen to all or most of each episode, down from 86% in 2017
  • 19% of listeners increase the speed (listen faster)


We are all different – and like different things. Therefore it would be impossible for us stFictionPodcasts to be able to ‘please all the people all the time.’

So while the team of FastFictionPodcasts loves the idea of you listening to all of our stories, we have subdivided them, wherever possible, into categories, so that you can choose, or even collect the stories, according to genre preference.

But please note, some stories refuse to sit in one particular box, and could be equally comfortable in two or even three. Enjoy.

Makes you Think¬† … MYT

The Spouse Trap … TST

Life In the Slow Lane … LiTSL

Reflections … R

Young Adult … YA

Crime Without Grime … CWG

Spec Fiction … SF


Fast Fiction Podcasts

I began FastFictionPodcasts in April 2018 with Wheeled Prisons, a story about the horrors, and uselessness of war, the soldiers who return, and how they continue living. That was two and a half years ago.

The stories that have come since are varied in style, length and content. Some are full ensemble pieces and some are monologues.