The first good thing about entering your “Senior’ years is that you’ve actually got there, and the second is that you have had the opportunity to pick up on lots of experiences along the way. And in that regard I’ve been extremely lucky.

I can claim Novelist, CrimeWriter, Oral Historian and Film-Maker in the general sense, and more specifically a few useful degrees such as a B.A. in Media and a Masters in Film and Television.  I was both Manager and Dramatist Presenter in the early days of Radio 4DDB, and a  short story contributor for 4RPH for a number of years.  More recently I served as Community Correspondent with 612 ABC for four years, and a member of Queensland CrimeWriters for 11 years. At present I am a member of Sisters-in-Crime and a regular reader for the Queensland Narration Service. Like many writers I jumped onto the Amazon CreateSpace when it first began, and may even have a few collections of short stories still floating around. All of which has been a lot of fun.

BUT, with podcasts I can put all of those rich experiences into one basket. We now have the platforms – Whooshkaa, iTunes, ListenNotes, PodcastRepublic – and all I need now are the listeners.  So once again I invite you to be intrigued, informed and entertained. And of course, Enjoy!.