Two Dykes on  Bike

Two Dykes on a Bike is released to coincide with the Dykes on a Bike Mardi Gras in Sydney, celebrating the Gay and Lesbian Festival, on the 29th February, Wannarbee […]

The Carousel Club

The Carousel Club: It is the 1960s in Swinging London, a time of high fashion, rock music and fads. Unknown to their parents a couple of teenage girls are ‘out […]

A lucky break

God how I want to leave. Freedom is so close. Just three more steps…

Photo Finish

Photo Finish: While we like to think there is a good deal of clever prose in this comedic black humor little podcast, the story goes far deeper than that, as […]

A matter of ethics

A matter of ethics is meant to be controversial.  So if you get you angry – or sad – or frustrated – or bewildered about the politics – we have […]

A Day Too Long

A Day Too Long: Our latest pod is another story that is difficult to classify.  Although we have tagged it as one of TheSpouseTrap series, it does fit the CrimeWithoutGrime […]

Where's Fred?

Where’s Fred? our new podcast is a particular favorite of mine.  It has turned up in many formats: first in print as part of the CrimeWriter Queensland books, Perils under […]

Synergy: 11m25s Maureen Durney and John Cross One definition of Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from […]