Something in Common

Something in Common is a story with many levels. An old lady and a young girl meet one morning, and while they share a common bond, they find they also […]

Aunt Jo took pleasure in bringing joy and laughter to everyone she met during her life, and makes sure she does the same in death. This episode introduces Amy Bent […]

Aunt Jo

Aunt Jo. Everyone loved Aunt Jo. She did everything so well. She wrote her own cookbook, sewed costumes for the kids, tended the sick, and was always a lot of […]

The Golden Girl Part 1

The Golden Girl Part 1 is almost two parts in itself. It begins with a friendship that almost comes to an end on the most crucial of days. But survives, […]

A lucky break

God how I want to leave. Freedom is so close. Just three more steps…


RoseMary: All new parents think their newborn baby not only absolutely perfect, but the best in the world. This story deals with the love of young parents for their new […]

End of an Era

End of an Era is really a vignette. A small interlude in the past of a once famous man: a summation if you will between what was, what is, and […]

Photo Finish

Photo Finish: While we like to think there is a good deal of clever prose in this comedic black humor little podcast, the story goes far deeper than that, as […]