Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality; A brief insight into why ghosts become ghosts. Perfect for Halloween.


Marcie. This story began its creation a good while ago. A brief encounter, but one that leaves a BIG memory. There is also significance  in the fact that sometimes you […]

The Crock Pot and Death Valley

The Crock Pot and Death Valley is a departure from our usual fast fiction. It is a true story. Maybe not a big one in the scheme of what had […]

If at first ...

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.  Our new story, old tyme melodrama, allows you to fill in the dots.   And are the dots at the end, the […]

A podcast on podcasts

A Podcast on Podcasts:  While this was originally an entry for the My Rode Competition I find it is very useful for people who do not really understand what podcasts […]

The Gift is the first story in our  new series for Young Adults, and we are delighted to introduce Olivia Turner as our first young reader. (You can check out […]

The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence. The FastFictionPodcast team are delighted to be able to finally release our fully dramatized story, The Sound of Silence. It’s a powerful story, and sadly very […]

See no Evil. One of the traits of the Three Monkeys. We continue into the last week of the Australian holiday season with a beach story. Short and Sweet. Or […]

Driver Unknown

Driver Unknown is not a nice story. In fact it is a Cautionary Tale, once known a a story with a moral, or a message.  What that message is depends […]

Festive Greetings

The FastFictionPodcast team would like to thank you, our listeners, for your support throughout the 8 months we have been running.  During that time we have brought you 32 podcasts […]