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Fast Fiction Podcasts

While nearly ALL of the stories are based on true events, or people, they are of course open to Perception. And the Writer claims artistic licence to incorporate the ‘Wot If’ element from time to time.

However, as the podcasts begin to accumulate you will be able to discern four different series

MTY – MakesYouThink.  -Sometimes irony, coincidence, or humility comes to the fore.

CWG –  CrimeWithoutGrime  – Sometimes these stories will have strong themes, but like most people, the Writer abhors violence and respects Readers that may feel the same.

TST – TheSpouseTrap – Marital breakd0wn is a serious issue and certainly not funny for those involved. But the fact is that much of life’s pathways involve some form of marital discord, and here again the Writer employs creativity and discretion towards stories that have been divulged intimately, or in the public arena

LSL – Life in the Slow Lane –  A mixture of stories that simply reflect the ups and downs of living in Suburbia.