We are all different – and like different things. Therefore it would be impossible for us at FastFictionPodcasts to be able to ‘please all the people all the time.’ And ‘Time’ is a valuable commodity. So when choosing a story to help ease the tedium of household chores, overcome that long tiring job home, or energize you through your exercise workout, you may like to increase the possibility of choosing a story you like or limit the chances of getting a ‘dud’. So our stories have been sub-divided into ‘Series’, to help the decisions.  But please note, some stories refuse to sit in one particular box, and could be equally comfortable in two or even three. Enjoy.

TheSpouseTrap Series

         The Honourable Thing


          A long time waiting  

         Grave Consequences

        Night Fever


CrimeWithoutGrime Series


          A natural accident


          The Hand

         Home Alone

          Night Fever

          Guest House Ghost Story


          A bad luck day


MakesYouThink Series

           Wheeled Prisons

           A long time waiting

           The Russian Samovar

          Tea with Mrs Bradley


LifeInTheSlowLane Series

          16 – and such a long way to go


          The Grot Spot

          For Sale


WannarbeeBond Series

Still in the pipeline