A long time waiting has been a long time coming. It is based on not one but many true stories that began their genesis soon after the second World War. The […]

The Russian Samovar

The Russian Samovar – MakesYouThinkSeries. It is said that old age is not for wimps, but the alternative is equally unappealing. So the only thing to do is adopt a […]

16 - and such a long way to go

First – an admission. This was written quite a long time ago. In fact the internet was not the friend or monster it is nowadays. Even so, while the age […]

Monthly Update

Over the last four weeks we have submitted four podcasts out into cyberspace, and although by some standards our subscribers are still small, it is a list that is steadily […]

The hand

The Hand: It is difficult to say much about this complex story without giving the plot away. Neighbours know each other in ways that are more intimate than families, and […]

Guest House Ghost Story is our new podcast. Written and Narrated by Breanda Cross A couple of young girls miss their train on a dark night and find themselves in […]


Touche: Our latest podcast introduces Tom, an old busker, much the same as found in any capital city. We pass them every day in busy malls, or streets, sometimes briefly […]

Night Fever

Night Fever is the name of the first pod for July.  Once again we find a dual split between categorizing it as CWG or TST. Once you listen to this […]

Bi-Monthly CheckPoint.

Can you find the icon of your favourite podcast between May and June?   1st July and we begin the third month since launching our first Podcast – Wheeled Prison. […]

Tea with Mrs. Bradley

Tea with Mrs. Bradley is the latest release for FastFictionPodcasts. This is a favourite story of mine for three reasons.  First, it was written quite a while ago and made […]