16 – and such a long way to go

First – an admission. This was written quite a long time ago. In fact the internet was not the friend or monster it is nowadays. Even so, while the age of the son (or daughter) may be a year or so younger, there is every likelihood mothers still undergo many of the same agonies experienced in this little monologue.


Monthly Update

Over the last four weeks we have submitted four podcasts out into cyberspace, and although by some standards our subscribers are still small, it is a list that is steadily growing.

With the dawning of a new month we will be making a few changes.  First the logo will change. It will be simpler and more appropriate to the many platforms on which our podcasts may be found.  Your comments and reviews are still welcome, especially the nice one.  And of course we would love you to like our new look facebook page,

Listed below are the four podcasts released during the last month.


As you can see from the covers there is a good deal of variety in the stories although all fit the Crime genre.   Night Fever is a cityscape of a lonely woman, possible unrequited love, and a horrendous conclusion.  While Touche (Tooshay –when an adversary wins an argument) is also set in a city, with an equally horrendous end, our key player is a different type of protagonist, and hopefully considered a likable rogue.  Guest House Ghost Story has created quite a stir with comments, as well as quite a few people from  overseas taking up the suggestion to use it as an English learning platform.  And finally, our last release, The hand, a complex murder/manslaughter/mystery – with the inevitable twist.

A BIG thankyou to those subscribers who have been with us since the beginning of our twelve week journey. And a BIG welcome to those of you who have found us more recently. And a BIG ask that you help us spread the word.


We look forward to bringing you more thoughts, adventures, ideas and experiences.  Happy listening.



The hand

The Hand: It is difficult to say much about this complex story without giving the plot away.

Neighbours know each other in ways that are more intimate than families, and the garden fence is no boundary to borrowing or sharing personal items, or even one’s life.

Although The hand fits comfortably in our CrimeWithoutGrime series, it was once entitled Neighbours. No doubt you will see why once you listen to it. While it is true you can’t choose your family, you can choose your friends, and in some ways you can choose your neighbours. And while friendship with neighbours is a wonderful thing, it is also fraught with problems.




Guest House Ghost Story

Guest House Ghost Story is our new podcast.

Written and Narrated by Breanda Cross

A couple of young girls miss their train on a dark night and find themselves in an isolated guest house. It has all the components of  a scary story, and here’s hoping it delivers.


There are many ghost houses that come to mind, especially if you love moviesPsycho is the obvious choice, even now, some 55 years since it was released.  It even has its own fan club. GHGH certainly isn’t in that class. But it did begin its life 30 years ago, when caught out late at night, I stayed in a nearly empty guest house right by the railroad in Tentafield, The landlord could well have been cast as Riff Raff in the Rocky Horror  Picture Show some few years later, and things certainly went “bump in the night’,  all night, along with sliding beds, rats in the rafters, and lights going on and off for no reason.  And of course, the entire house shook every time a train went past.

Note  If you want to have some fun with your own GHGH, please ask for the script, and we will be happy to send it to you.



CrimeWithoutGrime MakesYouThink


Touche: Our latest podcast introduces Tom, an old busker, much the same as found in any capital city. We pass them every day in busy malls, or streets, sometimes briefly aware of their jaunty tunes, and even more rare, drop a few coins in a hat or music case.

Our busker Tom is a blind old English ten pound pommy, and of course he is always accompanied by his faithful companion Patch.  Over the years he has become street smart and encourages passers by to part with a few donations by playing the saxophone.  This story may stay with you long after the lights are out. And why is the story called Touche, well, listen in and find out.






CrimeWithoutGrime TheSpouseTrap

Night Fever

Night Fever is the name of the first pod for July.  Once again we find a dual split between categorizing it as CWG or TST. Once you listen to this literally ‘chilling’ story you can decide yourself. Maureen Durney takes us, as Nikki,  into the dark city late at night looking for Tony, an errant husband. It does not end well.

What does end well is the opportunity to obtain the script for this monologue. This is an ideal format for you overseas listeners who are listening to this story with English as a second language.  Please go to our Contact page and we will be delighted to send the script.

And we are now happy to inform you should be able to download us on your platform of choice. We can be found on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, iHeart, Whooshkaa, Google, and Listen Notes – a dedicated podcast platform.  And of course we would love a nice review, or simply a few comments, or a ‘Like’. It all helps to keep our enthusiasm high in providing quality stories in an easy-to-listen-style.

Maureen can also be heard on A long time waiting,


Bi-Monthly CheckPoint.

Can you find the icon of your favourite podcast between May and June?


1st July and we begin the third month since launching our first Podcast – Wheeled Prison. Since then our listeners have steadily grown, suggesting there is a place for people who want to listen to dramatised short stories. They go so well together with a morning Tea break, or ride to work, or, if you are well organised – a sit-in in the garden. To go directly to the site press, here.


For those who are just joining us, here is a quick break-down of what we have covered in the last eight weeks.

Wheeled Prison – a beautiful and emotive story of an old man’s reflection of war. MYTSeries

A bad luck day – A criminal on the run has a bit of luck – but it turns into the worst day of his life. CWGSeries

Front window – The drama of Hollywood comes to a city back street – with a surprising twist. General

All or Nothing – A young woman thinks she has nothing – but finds out it is something someone else wants, desperately. CWG

The Wake – An Irish Wake is an ideal place for a detective to begin investigations. But it may not continue. CWG,TSTeries

The odd couple – A long marriage does not end well. MYTSeries, TST

Artistic Licence – A grieving husband finds out who killed his wife and dispenses justice. CWG

Grave Consequences – a story that is difficult to classify. CWG, TST

For Sale – A Real Estate agent’s nightmare. General

A natural accident – Revenge eats up a man with little to lose. CWG

Home Alone – Custard involved with Murder – Short, Sharp, but not Sweet. CWG

Decisions – A man gets what he wants for – but not in the way he wants it. CWG

Highlights – A day in the Family life in Suburbia. LITSLSeries

Tea with Mrs. Bradley – Mrs. B is a sweet old lady – or is she? CWG.

Note: Update March 2019 – With almost a year gone it is interesting to note that there is still no focus or preference shown towards short or long podcasts, read or performed, or one series over another. Confusing?

CrimeWithoutGrime MakesYouThink

Tea with Mrs. Bradley

Tea with Mrs. Bradley is the latest release for FastFictionPodcasts.

This is a favourite story of mine for three reasons.  First, it was written quite a while ago and made into a short film with the title Mrs. Bradley’s Hat,  with the then active Brisbane QPix.  It was directed by a VERY young Judd Tilyard, who is now  an Australian film director and producer, based in Toronto since 2010 where he is now the co-owner and head of Production at Dimeworth Films.

It was also read on 4RPH by Kim Dodsworth the Queensland StoryTeller. Kim read many of the stories that are now being dramatised by FastFictionPodcasts. However our new dramatised production features Michael Wilkins, who read our emotive war story Wheeled Prison in our April launch.

Finally, it is a truly unusual sad/funny/ story, with many layers and complex issues still pertinent today.

However, one word of caution. Do not confuse it with the equally delightful, but completely different detective series starring Diana Rigg, 1998 (A forerunner of the Phyrnne Fisher Mysteries)/ They are very different ladies who share only the name.

Below you may see your Editor ‘Wotif’ playing an ‘old woman’ when she was a comparatively ‘young woman’. Nowadays there isn’t much difference.


Note, Update March 2019 –



Highlights is the latest podcast for the month of June.  It is the first entry in a new series, LifeInTheSlowLane, a.k.a. Suburbia.

There are times when many mothers would like something to happen a little outside of the regular routine, and indeed may even be tempted into a new shade of hair colour. However, in this particular instance it was immediately obvious that the timing was not the best.

Written and read by Breanda Cross

NOTE: A few regular subscribers have indicated that they use some of the podcasts as an English Language learning tool. If this is case, please feel free to write and request the script, which may be useful as an additional aid.

CrimeWithoutGrime MakesYouThink


Decisions is a dark story just released to iTunes. It is also sad. It asks the question of whether or not we govern our own destiny by the choices we make, or are we simply destined to follow the path that fate has decreed for us. Why not listen – and make your own decision!

Note: Update March 2019 . Beyond Blue is taking on a higher profile than ever before. which makes this story more relevant.

FastFictionPodcasts have been submitting stories to iTunes, for just over a month and can now boast a dozen stories in the library.  So far stories have covered a mix of three basic series – Makes You Think, Crime Without Grime,  and The Spouse Trap. But we promised you four -and yes, there is another one, as yet not represented. Life in the Slow Lane are stories, or, maybe more like anecdotes, of family life in the suburbs.

Highlights – Life in the Slow Lane

Written and Narrated by B.C.

Cover Art – alex-holyoake-105660 – Unsplash

The first one in the Life in the Slow Lane series to be released is entitled Highlights and begins – “I was in the shower when the telephone rang…..” Nothing unusual with that, but it may give you a few minutes mirth when you hear what happens next.

Sometimes it makes life seem to much easier when you know the mess other people make of their lives.