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A lucky break

A lucky break is a story of today’s news. A lonely farmstead, a husband and wife with domestic issues. Then finally – a resolve. Yet it is just possible this is a slightly different story than first thought. It is also worth giving a little though at the end with a “Wotif”. See what you think. And please, let us know. We love to hear from folk who live in a far different landscape than that illustrated in our stories.

The #MeToo movement has changed how domestic relationships are viewed.

CrimeWithoutGrime MakesYouThink

Photo Finish

Photo Finish: While we like to think there is a good deal of clever prose in this comedic black humor little podcast, the story goes far deeper than that, as you may observe after listening. Two crimes have been committed – but what? And which is the more serious? And is this up to the listener – or is it society that makes the decision?  For instance, does it fit under the #MeToo banner?

Once again we intentionally create a little controversy, So while we have put it into our CrimeWithoutGrimeSeries, perhaps it should also go into the MakesYouThinkSeries too. We leave you to decide.  And of course would love you to give us a ‘like’ on our facebook page, and a nice review on iView or your favorite listening platform.


Ray, the Refrigerator Man

Ray, the Refrigerator Man. While we often say that most of the fastfictionpodcasts have their genesis in true stories, our latest pod is completely true.  It brings to light two factions –  the background and lifestyle of Ray, and our reaction, as a middle-aged couple living in a totally different world.  And yet, with the passage of time,  and the work cycle, we find ourselves sharing a cup of coffee, and his viewpoints.

When you have listened to the pod, why not let us know how you think you would react if you had been with us on the balcony that day.   And in a back-to-front-way, does the #MeToo movement apply in this case?  Lots of questions, but where are the answers? We still haven’t got any. Have you?