Lot 229

Lot 229 is a simple tale from the LifeInTheSlowLane series; yet it spans nearly a hundred years.  Not only that, but it’s a true story!


Pride:   This little story is true, and provided a good deal of fun for those of us who witnessed it.  However, for the couple involved, it provided a good deal […]

Elegance in High Heels

Elegance in High Heels. Every woman knows you must wear high heels to a business function to be elegant. And Elizabeth had found the best, and paid a high price […]

End of an Era

End of an Era is really a vignette. A small interlude in the past of a once famous man: a summation if you will between what was, what is, and […]

The Carpet Saga

The Carpet Saga is in our Life in the Slow Lane Series. These little anecdotes are usually representative of the small, frustrating or irksome things that come and go in […]

Keeping up with Mr. Jones

Keeping up with Mr. Jones is better described as a yarn than a story. Not ‘a shaggy dog story’. By tradition they are long and multi-directional. This is short and […]

The Straight Line

The Straight Line is a perfect podcast for the first Day of January.  A day when resolutions are made and people look forward with good intentions for the following year. […]