March 2020

White Noise

White Noise marks a milestone in fastfictionpodcasts because we are introducing a new writer for the first time. Steve Haynes is into things weird and wonderful, which is illustrated in […]

Aunt Jo took pleasure in bringing joy and laughter to everyone she met during her life, and makes sure she does the same in death. This episode introduces Amy Bent […]

Two Dykes on  Bike

Two Dykes on a Bike is released to coincide with the Dykes on a Bike Mardi Gras in Sydney, celebrating the Gay and Lesbian Festival, on the 29th February, Wannarbee […]

Aunt Jo

Aunt Jo. Everyone loved Aunt Jo. She did everything so well. She wrote her own cookbook, sewed costumes for the kids, tended the sick, and was always a lot of […]

Two Dykes on a Bike is strictly Not Politically Correct. However, it is a tribute to the Gay and Lesbian Festival held every year in Sydney at this time. Editor’s […]